Laravel Demos


Laravel Localization: Multilingual Recipes

How to define translations strings? How to design data stored in database need to be translated?

How about the locale config and routes for multilingual?

How to switch language using language menu?

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Laravel+Vue SPA: Property Catalog Filters

Laravel + Vue.js SPA

Real estate multi filters with counters: filter properties by price/property types/cities. Using Vue.js to manipulate and watch changes of data.

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Laravel+Vue CRUD: Contact List

Single page CRUD app with Laravel and Vue

Laravel plays a role as API provider and Vue.js as a front-end player.

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Course Registration: Admin Authentication & Authorization

Totally separated front end website, teachers and students panel, and admin panel

Triple layers of admin authentication and authorization

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Real Estate: Separated Front Site and Admin Panel

Totally separated frontend website and admin panel with routes, controllers, and views

User admin panel with different permissions for admin and agents

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This demo shows three pages of data management: the first page just shows a simple table of employees, the second page shows a table of employees with DataTables installed, while the third page shows DataTables installed and called by Ajax.

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Image Upload, Resize and Dropzone

Two ways to upload images:

Using form with Intervention to resize images

Using Dropzone to upload multiple images

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Blog with Separated Front and Admin

This blog demo shows complete CRUD functions to manage posts and comments with an important feature of separating front web site and admin areas.

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Login System with Gate and Redirect

Route with namespace, prefix, name, group, and except

Define Gate to check user roles

Redirect to different dashboard page for different user roles

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