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Practical SEO 2 - Title Tag

A title tag is the short description or the topic of a web page. It is one of the most important on-page SEO elements that can achieve high search engine rankings. The title tag can appears in three key places:

First, browser, it shows up in browser tabs to indicate which web page being browsed. Second, page title content is also displayed in Google search result pages, usually the first line of result. Also, Words in the title are bolded if they appear in the user's search query.Third, many times, external websites (especially social media sites) will use the title of a web page as its link anchor text.

Create descriptive, relevant content

Create descriptive, relevant content for title tag, but not too long, 70 characters is the maximum amount of characters that will display in the search results.

Most impotant keywords first

Place the most important keywords at the beginning of the title content, then the less important ones. Search engines assign more importance to the first word in the title tag than to the second one and so forth.

Use Keyword Phrases

If your page title contains a phrase instead of several keywords, then it is more likely that you will attain a higher ranking in search engines for specific user searches.

Separate keywords with dash (-) or pipes (|)

Both hyphens and pipes will make it easier for your user to scan the content of your title tag. From an SEO perspective, hyphens have the added advantage that they will enable you to rank for different keywords while listing them only once.

Create unique title content for each page

Placing specific keywords in the title tag for each page based on the content of the page makes both Google and users know how the page is distinct from the others on the whole web site.

Add company name

It's good to add company name as the end of title content (or even at the beginning of the tag). This will enhance your brand as well as your search engine traffic. The title tag is a new visitor's first interaction with your brand when they find it in a search result and should convey the most positive impression possible.